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Drive Angry

Dear 4 Wheeled Road Sharers,

Please check your road rage (and by road rage I mean ego) against the two wheeled people. Your road rage won’t equal a dinged fender, it’ll take us out. I promise no one thinks less of you because a scooter or motorcycle goes around you in traffic (which we’re legally allowed to do if it’s between two lanes going the same direction). We’ll be out of your way soon since we’ll just continue to work our way up. We’re not threatening your status as “king/queen of the road” we’re just using it a different way. I understand it’s alarming when someone buzzes by you in between lanes; personally I move slowly and wait till traffic is stopped at a red, but everyone drives differently. The ones buzzing by you will be out of your sight before you get to the next Eminem song on your iPod and definitely before you finish that cell phone call, so don’t worry about them.

When I cut to the front of traffic, please don’t honk. It scares the bejeezus out of me since it’s much louder when I’m directly in front of your car and not buffered as I would be in a 4 wheel vehicle. The last thing I want to do is be startled into making a mistake on my scooter in front of your car, it’ll slow us both down as we wait for the cops and possibly an ambulance. I’ll also be out of your way by the next light. And please don’t buzz by me ½ in my lane to show your anger, if you hit me you’ll probably kill me and at the very least maim me. Is it really worth it? It also leaves me with the assumption that a certain appendage of yours is very stunted and thus the source of your out of control rage. So what is the win there?

Just take a deep breath, and relax.

-That Chick on the Scooter

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Two weeks ago I did something I’ve been wanting to do for at least a month. I quit blogging for Weddzilla. I went back and forth on it for weeks. I didn’t want to quit since I had made a commitment and felt bad backing out. Their editor Heather had been really supportive and nice and had had trouble with bloggers being unreliable and I didn’t want to let her down.

Originally I started blogging for Weddzilla for purely selfish reasons (but then again it was unpaid so it was a mutual selfish arrangement). I saw wedding blogging as a way to blog for a legitimate site and get some experience for my portfolio as well as hopefully gain some readers for my personal blog. This may have worked with another blog, but Weddzilla was not the right blog for this.

The first problem I had with Weddzilla was that they refused to share information with me. It’s very easy to track readers on blogs (I use Google analytics on this one). It helps you see what entries are popular, what city/state/country your readers are in, and how many visits you’re getting on a daily basis. I wanted my numbers from Weddzilla so I could see what entries did well and also be able to use in a future resume/portfolio (posts are kind of useless if you can’t also share metrics). They refused to share this with me which irked me since I was providing content to them for free and really not getting anything in return. They told me maybe later so I kept going in hopes that day would arrive (it didn’t).

The next problem I had with them was that they didn’t allow linking out from posts. I’m a big believer in citing sources and in blogging I think if you’re using someone’s work or mentioning it you should link to it. It’s super easy and just plain polite. They later loosened up on this, but still not enough for me to feel like it was following common blog courtesy. They also wouldn’t allow us to sign off with links to our own blogs or twitter so it allowed for very limited conversion. If this were a paid gig, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but again, it’s not.

I also didn’t get the community that I was looking for. The only people commenting were other bloggers for the site, so I felt like I never got honest feedback or interaction. I want people to read my blog posts because they’re interested, not because they’re repeatedly asked/required to by the site I’m posting for. There were also a lot of venders posting who tended to post very biased posts. The wedding coordinator would post why you absolutely need a wedding coordinator, the DJ would post about how you should spend more money on music, etc. Wedding planning is frustrating because everyone is always trying to sell you something or make you pay more, I felt uncomfortable writing for a site that was supporting this so heavily. I want my wedding blog to be helpful to brides, not be part of the scamming. I also had a florist freak out at one of my posts on why I’m not using a florist and not doing flower centerpieces.

The final straw for me is this asshole. I didn’t always agree with my fellow bloggers in their posts, but I respect their opinions. This guy went too far for me. He’s such a egotistical, misogynistic, asshole that I don’t want to write for the same site that has him posting. They have him posting because his fiancé is a “celebrity” (LA DJ with a few thousand twitter followers) and they’re hoping to use that to get more readers for the site. Super classy.

I can’t control who they let post on Weddzilla and frankly, it’s their site, they run it. I can control who I post for though and when I got an email from Heather telling me she was resigning I let out a sigh of relief and told her I was too.

the term used to describe the relationship between Julianne Moore and Annette Bening in “the Kids are Alright” by the girl at the table next to ours at breakfast this morning…


To be fair I haven’t seen the movie, so if they do indeed refer to themselves as “lesbian lovers”, disregard the following:

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That’s right, I said it, I hate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Before you all start throwing pink ribbons at me, let me explain. I’ve had breast cancer on my radar since I was a kid. My Mom lost her mother to it at a young age, my great aunt had it twice, and my Mom has had it twice, the second time resulting in a single mastectomy. Breast Cancer matters a lot to me, I live my life with this little voice in the back of my head saying “you could be next”.

Why do I hate a month devoted to this disease that’s effected my family so much? Because it “prettyfies” it. Breast cancer is not sexy, pretty, nice, funny, or cute. Breast Cancer is an ugly disease that is actually pretty scary. The women that have breast cancer are amazing, sexy, beautiful, inspiring people (guys, I’m not forgetting about you in this, but I just haven’t known any men to suffer from this and don’t want to make assumptions on how you go through this, I’m writing from what I know). When was the last time Breast Cancer awareness put an amazon on their site or ad (a woman with a single masectomy)?

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It really bothers me how intrusive/judgmental everyone is about my relationship status. It blows my mind how stereotyped the expectations are and how comfortable everyone feels enforcing them.

I missed out on the whole “are you dating anyone” “you’re not getting any younger” comments due to graduating from college in a relationship but sympathize with everyone who has to hear those comments. Just know once you satisfy the relationship expectation there are new bigger ones…

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