I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of Toastmasters at my work. I work in account management so being able to speak at a meeting without embarrassing myself is a requirement. Despite the nerdiness involved with being a member of Toastmasters, it’s been really fun. It’s a very clever, funny, and creative group of people and I really look forward to the meetings.

One of the requirements of membership is giving speeches to the group. I don’t know these people well so it’s scary and good practice. The first speech had to be about yourself, I wanted to do something that would make my audience experience as well as listen so I added music. I picked songs that whenever I hear them, they make me think of someone or remember a specific piece of my life. It went really well, I was surprised by how strongly and quickly my audience reacted to the music I played. It definitely had the desired effect of adding another layer to the speech to take my audience deeper.

This song had the most reaction, it was the song I listened to somewhat constantly when I had my heart broken the first time:

Friday Favorites

Current Favorites: Fossil Ring, Vermont Necklace, The Roots ft John Legend: The Fire

My Fossil Ring: I was unemployed for about five months last year (two of which I was traveling). I spent that December working at Macy’s in Fashion Jewelry. Stories about that experience another time… I was totally broke but basically selling my kriptonite (fun, cheap jewelry). I was good though, this was the only thing I bought after it went on sale. Today it rained and was grey and I’ve been sick all week so this brightened up my day. An example of something little that has been worthwhile for almost a year now.

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I love Pop Culture… not a secret really, but the confession is that as someone who loves pop culture, I also get that “special” feeling when I recognize an obscure pop culture reference. That’s how you know you’re a true pop culture nerd, when you actually feel a sense of accomplishment for recognizing something completely useless that no one gives a shit about other than other nerds like you :-)

Today’s accomplishment?

The song “1985” by Bowling For Soup came on my Pandora. I thought it sounded a lot like this band I liked in High School: SR-71 so I went to the trouble of wikipediaing it and found no connection. Still bugged, I wikipedia’d SR71 and found that the lead singer wrote and produced “1985”.