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Remember when floppy disks could save/destroy the world?

1MB was a dangerous thing

The 90s were a time of mystery and magic.



I love this anti-rape culture.

I like this, add some more inclusive language (girls are not the only ones who are vulnerable to attacks / harassment when they are under the influence.) and I am so on board. 

Nice ad campaign and refreshing to think about a guy on-the-prowl’s first thought not being how he can get with the wasted girl

I have a long unhappy history with Comcast, an all too common problem. I’m on my 5th apartment in San Francisco and I’ve had them for every single one of them. All four moves meant that I had to spend hours on the phone with them after each one to fix the service mistakes they’d make. It would require multiple calls, long on-hold times, and the occasional apartment visit to make it right.

At this point I’ve probably lost a full day of my life to dealing with Comcast problems. The last one was especially epic because I got so frustrated that I endured sitting on the phone on hold for 40min to talk to a manager. The manager finally got on and I explained the multiples calls and hours I’d spent dealing with the service issues they’d caused when we moved and his response was “What do you want me to do about it?”

I finally got it solved by complaining on Twitter and having their social media team which is probably some poor agency (sorry guys) respond right away and give me a special email address to contact and fixed it all.

Today I called because my bill is crazy high and I’m looking for an alternative. I found a reasonable package online to switch to that my account says I’m eligible for. I add it to my cart and then find out that they want $10 dollars to send me new equipment. I’m basically getting the same service I have now, just cheaper, so why do I need new equiptment?

So I bite the bullet and make the phone call to try and explain that I don’t need anything new. My 5min hold time (told to me by them) turns into 30min and I finally speak to someone. She tells me that that deal isn’t available for me and starts talking all these other options. She finally settles at something slightly lower than what I pay now and then tells me that I’ll have to pay $15 to get a new modem that will be the same as my current modem, but it has to be a different one because I’m changing. Right.

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This is making/is my day.


(via cineraria:Anuncio Nocilla)

This is making/is my day.

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Nothing will make community managers seem cooler than having a flashmob and scheduling it for “high noon”.

Really not helping.

Best moment of the oscars. #JackJen2013




Desk #art


And this is precisely when I fell in love with David Bowie.

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Jon Stewart doing what he does best.

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This just makes me want to pledge my loyalty to House Stark even more….

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